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Places to Eat on the Alabama Gulf Coast

Some travelers come to the beach for vacation and prefer eating in for both convenience and economics. For others, eating out is part of the definition of "vacation." We happen to be in the latter group. For those of you who agree with us, Orange Beach offers a wide variety of great places to check out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As you might imagine, the focus is on casual, coastal dining and the menus tend to be heavily focused on local fish and seafood.

Our lists are not exhaustive ... anyone with a computer can Yelp their way to a great meal. Rather, these are our favorite, "go to spots" - the ones we recommend to you our guests. We have tried almost all of the restaurants along the beach road from Orange Beach to Gulf Shores, and these are the spots we come back to time and time again. Sometimes we'll pick one over the other because of the menu, the ambiance or the location. All of them, however, offer consistently good food and good service. If you follow our advice, you should not be disappointed. If that's not the case, please let us know.



For those looking to enjoy that first meal of the day, there's a variety of places to go for great coffee, beignets, and donut, a full breakfast meal to enjoy, or brunch. There's a place for all of your breakfast needs on our favorites list. 



Lunch can be a great time to get out of the sun and the heat and enjoy a wonderful, local meal in Orange Beach. The lunch places we like are casual and mostly used to beachgoers stopping in, so you can eat like a local at any of the places we recommend. Each restaurant has its own unique style and menu, so choose the one that suits you best. 



Dinner in Orange Beach can be a great time to get out with the whole family or enjoy a dressed-up dinner for two. Our list includes mostly seafood with a couple Italian favorites thrown in. Many offer great views with sea breezes, so whether you are in flip flops or your best outfit, you're sure to have a great night.


Desserts & Sweets

Whether you looking for an after-dinner sweet or that late-night sweet, you're bound to find something satisfying along the Alabama Gulf Coast.  There are shops serving everything from milkshakes to custom made confections along with donuts, cakes, and pies.  Leave your diet at're on vacation!

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